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Rose Quartz Piglet
This hand carved natural rose quartz stone piglet pendant from The Animal Rights Collection hangs on a 24 inch military style ball chain in pure 99.99% copper. The pendant is one inch high and 1 and 1/2 inches in length.


Wear this necklace to show the world you care about animal cruelty, and you want to do something about it.


*For each sale from the Animal Rights Collection, 25% of the sale price will be donated to an animal charity.


The quartz family has a  moh’s hardness of 7. Quartz comes in a variety of colors such as brown smoky quartz, clear rock crystal quartz, yellow citrine, purple amethyst, and a unique combination of citrine and amethyst, called ametrine. The crystal structure of these stones render them clear, with inclusions. Other types of quartzes with a different structure can be opaque such as jaspers and chalcedonies.

Rose Quartz

The pink color of rose quartz has been attributed to titanium, manganese, and iron.



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